Saturday, February 12, 2011

Online Writers for Partnership

Online writers increase their chance to get more jobs and complete them on time when they collaborate. As a writer for both online and offline clients, I at times have more work than I can do. Could other writers contact me with a view to building a team.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Security is an Educational Issue

Water for all remains a dream 10 years after the goal should have been realized. And about 70% of rainwater in Kenya runs downstream to the Indian Ocean every rainy season. Then months or even weeks after the rains, people get desperate for water and food. This happens almost as regularly as clock work. The dire situation of thousands right now is driving the media and other players to demand for swift government intervention. But the blame cannot all be heaped on the government.

Non governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in food, water, health, economic emancipation and the media take a portion of the blame. They have failed to show people how they can free themselves from desperation. The media must dedicate space and time to provide practical civic education. There is an urgent need to tell the people that they are responsible for their well being; not the government. Otherwise, if every citizen was to sit and wait for government to provide education, food, water and whatever else, would that government survive?

NGOs and the media, including every online writer must lead the way in providing practical civic education. Practical civic education is the ultimate remedy for the social-economic challenges facing a large portion of the population. It should be treated as civic duty of every citizen. After all, everyone has something to educate someone about. Http://

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conferences and Workshops

Are you planning a conference or a workshop? Where will it be and when? Post the information on the Bulletin Posts. Our readers want to know.

Health Tips and News

Tips and news on health are important to many people. Medics and other people conversant with subjects in this realm are welcome to post tips and help our friends who visit this site. Readers who may have questions can post them here. This is your site. Make use of it.

Gift of the Garb

Are you gifted in some way? I am a writer and I have had this gift through many years. Sometimes, it's a bit of a challenge to use our gifts to get by. But holding on to them, trying them out whenever and wherever keeps you alive. Use this site to express yourself. Write an article, a short story, a poem. Let the readers feel what you feel. Know what you know. It will make you feel better.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Write Articles in Bulk

Basing several articles on the same research materials makes sense. It's like killing several writing birds with one stone. How can you grow the habit and improve your standing as a writer?

When researching, you find a lot of information which you know is useful but not applicable to the current article. The tendency is to skimp through it and search for material relevant to your current project. This means you spend time on it, but gain nothing. How can you make better use of your research and time?

Preparing to research for several articles at the same time saves you time and money. By carrying out research with several articles in mind, you work less per article because you visit the same sites you would visit when researching for one article. This saves you time.

Before starting your research, decide what number of articles you will write. Make note of each of the topics. This will help you decide the extent of your research. Three to five article topics will do.

Write down the articles' working titles each on a sheet of paper or card - I prefer an A6 size card. Under the titles, note the kind of information you will be seeking. Now, when you begin researching, make very brief notes of facts and figures, guided by the notes you have made. Aim to have about five major points on each card.

When you have taken enough notes, including relevant facts and figures for each of the titles, stop the research. Take a short break and do something different, like taking a twenty minute walk. When you come back, start writing the articles, either one at a time or a paragraph of each at a time. You will find that your writing speed has improved.

Submit your articles to the online publishers and link them up so that a reader of one is encouraged to read the other. Keep practicing batch article writing for several weeks. It will become second nature and you will find that writing five, ten or more articles each day is possible. This allows you to publish many articles within a short time, increasing your presence as a published writer. By researching and writing on a particular subject consistently, you develop into an expert. You can then offer to write for this niche for pay.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Writer for Good

Writing has been my main occupation for the last three years. Previously, I worked in various capacities mainly in the public service. I served in health administration for the final four years of employment. The writing bug finally bit so deep, I had to get out here where I belong. Besides various online writing assignments, scripts for electronic media, poetry and fiction, I write for and edit two print magazines; a bimonthly and a quarterly.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Speaking and Writing

Speaking and writing have a lot in common. Speaking well very often result from writing well. The basics of writing are also applicable to speaking. There is need to know your subject, know your audience and preparation in all sort of ways. It is normal for writers to be used to come up with the best speeches you hear. Get a speechwriter from

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

writeservice: Making Money online

writeservice: Making Money online: "More money is today made online than most traditional money making methods. Of course a lot of things are done through the internet th..."

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Making Money online

More money is today made online than most traditional money making methods.  Of course a lot of things are done through the internet that it cannot on itself pretend to exist.  The written word in all its shades, however  dominates the internet.  Articles, features, programs, fiction, movies, name it; the scribe has been reawakened.  This is the one time when many writers are running all the way to the bank. writeservice encourages everyone to share with us those secrets that only you know about the business of communication.  Whether it involves the internet directly or not, your comment is welcome.