Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Security is an Educational Issue

Water for all remains a dream 10 years after the goal should have been realized. And about 70% of rainwater in Kenya runs downstream to the Indian Ocean every rainy season. Then months or even weeks after the rains, people get desperate for water and food. This happens almost as regularly as clock work. The dire situation of thousands right now is driving the media and other players to demand for swift government intervention. But the blame cannot all be heaped on the government.

Non governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in food, water, health, economic emancipation and the media take a portion of the blame. They have failed to show people how they can free themselves from desperation. The media must dedicate space and time to provide practical civic education. There is an urgent need to tell the people that they are responsible for their well being; not the government. Otherwise, if every citizen was to sit and wait for government to provide education, food, water and whatever else, would that government survive?

NGOs and the media, including every online writer must lead the way in providing practical civic education. Practical civic education is the ultimate remedy for the social-economic challenges facing a large portion of the population. It should be treated as civic duty of every citizen. After all, everyone has something to educate someone about. Http://

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